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Made for the Competitor

ammunition effortlessly crushes targets in sporting clays, trap, and five-stand all while delivering less felt recoil and a more consistent pattern.

Golden Pheasant

New Look, Same Quality

Fiocchi’s nickel-plated Golden Pheasant shot gives the hunter the benefit of denser, more consistent patterns with fewer stray pellets as well as increased range and penetration.


Made for the Defender

Fiocchi’s 9mm ammunition delivers superior quality and reliability. Delivering premium quality at less than premium pricing.

Range Dynamics

Made for the Trainer

Fiocchi's Range Dynamics is ideal for a day at the local club with family and friends, practicing for your next competition, or headed to a training course to develop your skills.


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223 | 243 | 12 Gauge | 300 BLACKOUT | 270 | 308 | 7MM | 30-06 | 300 WIN MAG

Hunting big game requires the highest levels of skill and patience. Fiocchi's top of the line bullets ensure that your ammunition is made to get the job done. Designed to take down mammals ranging from elk to bears, these bullets are made for the hunter seeking his next trophy.
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12 Gauge | 16 Gauge | 20 Gauge | 28 Gauge | .410

We understand how challenging shooting conditions can be when upland hunting. That’s why we have created loads with the bird hunter in mind that have what it takes to easily drop upland birds with precision.
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380 AUTO | 9MM | 40 S&W | 45 AUTO | 300 BLACKOUT | 223 REM | 5.56 NATO | 12 GAUGE

Fiocchi’s Tactical line is custom designed and assembled to be used in the context of personal defense, law enforcement, or military defensive or offensive operations.
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Range & Rec

380 AUTO | 40 S&W | 45 | 300 BLACKOUT | 223 | 5.56 | 308 | 7.62X51 | 9MM

Specialized and designed for firearms qualifications, training, and practice. Each bullet is uniquely designed to allow shooters to better hit their marks, whether that's on the range or for recreation.
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5.56 | 204 | 222 | 223 | 243 | 22-250 | 308

Stop unwanted intruders from trespassing into your crops and land. From coyotes to foxes, our cartridges ensure that your property is free of pesky invaders.